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Jenn Dolari

Second call for webcomics to participate in the Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project for 2008:

For those of you who don't know about the project, in a nutshell, we're a group of webcomic artists and authors who put together a remembrance strip for late November. There is always a running theme, but the themes are voluntary (especially if your comic has no TG characters). If you'd like some examples of the earlier entries, you can see previous projects for yourself at the Webcomics DOR site at

All we ask is that you link to the other comics running images as well, and keep the images up for your normal comic-length. We're aiming at having these displayed on the week of the 20th. After the comics are done, I'd love your permission to keep them on my Day of Remembrance site, at

This year's theme is a little less dark than last year's. The theme this year is to illustrate a word or a feeling that the Day of Remembrance makes you feel. This could be a poem, a scene, a feeling, anything that the DOR makes you feel. Good, bad or otherwise.

In particular my plan this year is to illustrate "Hope." An artist drawing with her back to a tree sitting next to a warmly lit graveyard, remembering a time when trans murders were ignored and underinvestigated and how it's all changed (which is hasn't, but that's where hope comes in). If you have a different feeling, draw it. If you'd like to do Hope, too, please do.

Again, the themes are voluntary, and if you have an idea you'd like to pursue, or a better idea for a theme that you'd like to present, please do.

Please let me know if you'd like to participate this year by letting me know via EMail. IF you know someone who may be interested, but isn't on this list, by all means, forward it along (especially as real life has kept me from researching the newer comics out there).

Again, sorry for the late status report. Look forward to hearing from y'all soon.

Comics that have signed up to do a DOR piece this year:

Rachel Ann of The Angel of St. Thomas (
Chris Hazelton of Misfile (
Steve Mindykowski of Mundane Circus (
Melanie Pena
Erin Ptah of And Shine Heaven Now (
Laura Seabrook of Tales of the Galli (
Miranda Sparks of Shimmer (
Shannon Strobel of Second Stage (

Comics that have already turned in art:
Rebecca Bettencourt of Katie Lynne Sapphe and Inner Children ( and

For those of you still undecided, let me know. I'll keep the entries open till the last day of the DOR webcomics, but the sooner the better.
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