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In Death? Neil Gaiman's "I Woke up and One of us Was Crying"

I'm posting this here by request of hurlingdervish. Nice to meet all of you, by the way.

In this scan of "I Woke up and One of us Was Crying" from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic, a MtF transsexual named Wanda is seen in spirit being led into the afterlife by Death. What I like about it is how Neil Gaiman wrote these panels. She's shown as female. No indication of being male, or in Neil Gaiman's terms, "campy". In all honesty, I cried when I read the page above. I don't see many popular media displaying transsexualism with much respect, and Neil Gaiman gave it the greatest respect. I can't emphasize how very happy I was, I guess saying that it brought me to tears is enough?

Sure, she couldn't participate in the Moon ritual with Fox, Thessaly, and Hazel, but that's only because she had no womb. Some people argued in transgender that not letting Wanda participate in the Moon ritual was an insult, but from reading the Sandman series, it's simply because of the way Neil Gaiman portrayed Gods, the Moon, and other entities. They are not omnipotent as we humans think of. In Morpheus's perspective, they are finite, and can die, unlike the Endless(Which Morpheus is one of). Besides, sadly, Wanda was not born a woman. She does not have a womb, and could not menstruate(which I think allowed Thessaly, Fox, and Hazel to take the Moon path into the Dreaming). It's no insult to transsexualism. Just thought I would throw that out there because there were many comments about that when I posted it in transgender

Here is a picture of Wanda in her human body, before dying.

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